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In the early days of cinema if you wanted to capture aerial footage for your video or movie. You would strap a big expensive camera to the bottom of a helicopter and have it fly around for a few hours until you got the perfect shot. Well, not only did that take a lot of time to plan and gather all the proper licenses/permits. Your production budget would be exponentially higher for just a few seconds of usable footage in your film. This made capturing aerial footage for your movie exclusively reserved to the big Hollywood tycoons that could afford such an expensive shot.

Fast forward to the modern-day, it’s hard to even go online without seeing aerial footage captured by drones. A simple scroll through Instagram and you will see dozens of aerial shots of mountains, places, people, and things. Usually accompanied by cinematic music and cool locations. Drones are fantastic tools for showing off the area, event, and location. And the best part is aerial footage is no longer reserved for the big Hollywood studios; anyone can get in on the action and have high-quality aerial shots in their ads, short films, and everything in between!

As a filmmaker, I rarely go anywhere without my drone. Having a device that I can send up into the air to capture incredible aerial shots of where I am is huge for me. I literally get a birds-eye view of my surroundings and I’m able to capture things I normally would not have been able to capture. I always recommend my clients include drone footage in their projects for this reason. I like to describe drone footage as the spice that you sprinkle in to enhance your video and take your content to a whole new level. They are not the meat and potatoes of the project. Instead, drone clips are strategically placed to elevate your project and storyline. Not to be the center focus.

Have a look at my work page to see the drone footage I’ve captured and you’ll see what I mean. Whenever I use drone clips, they are placed strategically to move the storyline forward. Now you too can use drones in your promotional ads to enhance your videos and keep your audience engaged.

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