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Did you know, there are almost 8 billion human beings on Earth, 4.66 billion people who are actively using the internet, that’s roughly 54.6% of the human race that is currently online, that’s a lot of people! 
Now imagine if even a fraction of those people came across your website would you be able to peak their interest long enough to convert a sale? Or would they quickly move on to the next site because your website was too boring and lacked excitement?
That’s where the website landing page video comes in. A landing page video is placed on the homepage of your website, usually as a banner, but it could also be embedded into the page itself. What makes a landing page video beneficial for businesses, is that it can convey a multitude of different messages. It could be used to showcase all your products in a flashy, upbeat, fun kind of way. Or it could be used to discuss your company’s corporate message or mission statement, it can even be used to demonstrate your product or service in a unique way. The list goes on! This type of video is fun, and can be tailored uniquely to each individual business or service.
In today’s age, attention spans are short, people want information quickly, they don’t want to be bothered filtering through a bunch of information, or different pages to get their questions answered. Landing page videos are straight to the point, it’s the first thing a person sees when they click on your website. And that in there, is the secret to why they are so effective! They are able to peak a person’s attention, and disclose all the relevant information the viewer wants, in a creative way, with minimal effort on the viewers part! 
Need I say more? 
Now you see why landing page videos are so useful to businesses. If you are in need of a landing page video or would like to update the video you currently have on your website. You’ve come to the right place! 
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