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In today’s digital age, people are consuming content at an enormous rate, rates never before seen in modern times. This is all thanks to the internet and social media. Big tech has realized this and has turned many of their platforms into powerful video-sharing sites. Platforms like: Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook all started out as photo-sharing platforms but have evolved to become the dominating feature on each network.

Why is that you ask?

Because the video format is easy to digest! The person watching the video is not doing a lot of work, they are sitting back, relaxing and all of their senses are engaged, they are being informed in a sensory stimulating way. We human beings are simple creatures. We like to take the easy route, we want things explained to us quickly, we tend to take the road of least resistance. Get in and get out. Videos do that for us, they are versatile and extremely engaging. That explains why ONE BILLION HOURS are watched on YouTube EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That’s right, 1 BILLION WITH A B.

The old ways of advertising through newspapers, articles, and print ads are not effective anymore. Mail Flyers and door hangers, postcards, etc all just end up in the trash, without a second glance. Wasting your time and money. Those forms of media are dying, and they are dying fast.
Big Tech knows this, and that is why they have invested millions of dollars into their platforms to make their platforms superior and engaging for video marketers. Marketers love videos because they can pack full all their ideas and create a piece of art in a creative and fun way. They can also target the younger demographic, many of them are online now. If you are not advertising your product or business by videos online today, you are losing out on a huge demographic of people. Seriously sabotaging your business revenue stream.

Videos are the perfect way to get your message across to people and the beauty of it is, people will pay attention. The world is moving towards videos, the demand is there, the audience is there. The question that is left is….are you there?

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