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There are many factors that go into having a successful production, some of these things you might not even think about! I could write a novel on all the factors that go into a video you see on YouTube, online and social media, but I will spare you that long read! Today, I will be covering the TWO FACTORS that play an essential role in every production, from a huge Hollywood blockbuster, right down to a small production for a mom and pop shop. They dictate EVERYTHING, and must be considered, reevaluated and then executed on.

These two factors are:

  1. Idea – This might seem like a no brainer, but it’s funny how easily this can be overlooked, or even just half baked developed. The entire premise of your production is based on this one idea. That is why it is so important that you take the time to get crystal clear about your idea and know it inside and out. Your entire production from, location, wardrobe, talent, video style and so on will be wrapped around the idea of your video. 

    What is the idea for this shoot? How can we engage our target audience? What is the product or service we are promoting? Where can we film this video? What action do you want people to take? 

    Answering those initial questions is key! When you take the time to answer those questions, you elevate your idea from just being a thought, to making it a reality. You also set up your production to be in a much better position to create an enjoyable piece of work, to run a successful marketing campaign, and really engage your audience to purchase your product or service. 

  1. Budget – Once you have the idea down, the next step is to figure out what your budget is going to be. Productions of any size require funding. It costs money, to hire a crew, talent, secure a location, acquire all the props and wardrobe that are going to be in the video. Even things like post production costs like editing and marketing play a role as well, and must be accounted for in your budget. I only mentioned a few things, but the list goes on. By taking the time to create a budget based on those factors. You can accurately see what the costs are going to be, and plan accordingly. Sometimes you might have to go to your initial idea and adjust the scale it down, or make adjustments to other factors to make your budget work. 

IDEA and BUDGET go hand in hand. These two concepts are the foundation of your shoot. They are like the building blocks to build your production off of, you cannot skip this step or glaze over it, they must be looked at from all angles BEFORE shooting a single frame. Now that you know the importance of getting crystal clear on your idea and knowing exactly what your budget is, you’ll have a successful production, and see great results with your marketing analytics!

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