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Since the early 1900’s, when people began to sync audio dialogue and film footage together, marking the end of the silent movie era. Interview videos began to spring up everywhere. No longer do journalists need to travel far distances to ONLY get a quote or two from a political figure, celebrity or person of interest. Instead, they can now sit down with the person and ask questions in a longer format, in a visually engaging way. Viewers watching can see the exchange before their eyes and notice the subtle nuances in the person’s body language and speech. It was very effective for people to gauge if a politician was being genuine or if a person in the spotlight was being deceitful.

Today, it is the most common form of entertainment. We all consume this form of video on a weekly basis, whether we are watching our favorite celebrity on a talk show, a deep analysis on a certain topic on the news or YouTube. We watch these videos for their benefit. We are interested in a certain topic or area, and we watch the interview in the hopes that the interviewee will give us an idea or perspective that can help us in our day to day life. We might be interested in a person’s background and life story, or even how we can improve our lives, and achieve a similar goal or obtain a certain object or lifestyle that the interviewee has. Therefore, we watch and pay attention to what they have to say.

“So, how can interview videos help my business?”  You ask.

They can help your business in a lot of ways! The great thing about interview videos, over other types of videos out there, is that they are PERSONABLE! You are right there in front of the camera talking directly to your customers and audience. The viewers get a glimpse of your personality and the people behind the company and or product they use. You get to show off your knowledge, pass on information in an effective way, that people are actually going to want to watch and hear. You can make the video as short or as long as you want, the video can be placed on YouTube, social media, your website, and even in a newsletter. Interview videos are extremely shareable! That means your video can be shared and exposed to a larger audience than you would have ever reached before by traditional methods, drawing in new business and opportunities!

People want to see people like them. It’s easy to see a product or company and forget that there are men and women behind that organization just like them. Interview videos break that illusion and they can convey the message that as an organization we care about our customers!

We can help you craft and develop an effective interview video that will get you results! 

From the questions being asked, location, filming and editing. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on being your awesome self!

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