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The life force that drives every production is TALENT. You can have the best production crew in the industry, the latest cameras, the best state of the art equipment, a well-crafted script but if you don’t have a skilled assortment of talent to deliver those lines, none of those things matter. Viewers will feel that there is something lacking with the final product – they always point their fingers at the subpar talent.

 We’ve all experienced watching a movie that we were really excited to see, only to be let down by the poor-quality acting. It can be so painful to watch the movie to the end and sometimes even unbearable. It’s obvious that the actors are just saying their lines but not actually expressing it, there’s no passion behind their words. We wonder why did the director do a lousy job during the casting process? Surely, there were more qualified actors that would have done a better job. We end up not finishing the rest of the movie because we feel jaded and cheated from what we originally thought would be a worthwhile experience.

 So, if that’s how we feel after watching subpar talent in a movie… why would we subject our target audience to experience that pain for our marketing videos? The same audience we are trying to convert into a sale and new customers. Their initial impression of us is the video ad they saw – let’s give them a memorable first impression.

 Every production needs great talent, it’s crucial! You need someone to joyfully express how much they love your product or service, not just by saying it, but by their body language and nonverbal communication. Great actors are trained to know these subtleties. Great talents have incredible charisma on camera, they are able to improvise on the spot and take your direction correctly to give you exactly what you envisioned.

Finding the right talent is something that cannot be overlooked or rushed, it can seriously make or break your production. Knowing what to look for in talent and being able to recognize the right person(s) for the job when you see it takes a lot of experience and know-how.

That’s where Martin Michael can help you! With years of experience working with a wide range of talent, we have the confidence and skill to masterfully find the right person for your videos.

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